Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tips To Help Keep Grocery Bill under Control

*Buy store brands...Buying store brand can help your total bill. Saving a few cents here and there will add up. Most store brands are as good as name brands.
*Try a different cut of meat...Try a cheaper steak or roast. It doesn't have to be a T-Bone for it to be good.
*Plan your meals for the week...Go into the grocery store with a list knowing what you are going to buy. Plan each days meals for the week and put on your list everything that you will need and have your coupons ready.
*Stock up on deals...If you find something that is on sale at a good price and you know you will use it, buy in bulk while it is on sale.
*Look at ads...Always look at ads before shopping and carry the ad with you to look at while shopping and don't forget to price match.



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Great tips!

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