Thursday, February 11, 2010


Budgeting your money every month can be hard. First you must figure up what you pay out every month. You will start with your, utilities and shelter. These are what we need. You will then figure out what you spend on extras...entertainment, clothing, supplies, etc. You need to figure out what you can and cannot do without. Car payments, phone, insurance and anything else you pay for monthly need to be added in. You need to total all of this and see what you spend monthly. You will subtract this from what you bring in. There are lots of ways to cut your monthly spending. Most of us spend to much on movies instead of going to the theater, make a pizza at home instead of take out. Check around for cheaper car insurance and satellite service. Carpool when possible, carry a brown bag lunch, make that morning coffee at home. A budget is hard to get used to, but it really helps to save money and to have enough money to pay for those necessities. Print off a free budget sheet and figure your spending and income. It may take a few months to figure out where and how to cut spending, but once you do, get in a routine of keeping up with your spending and finding the areas that you can cut costs. By seeing exactly what you are spending a month on extras it will be easier to see what you can do to change your spending habits.


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