Saturday, May 15, 2010

WAHM Design Services

The most up to date version of WordPress is used for  blog services. Installation of your blog is absolutely free with any hosting account you purchase. You can buy your own domain or get a FREE sub-domain (
Our blogs come with 10 pre-installed custom designed Themes. You can add any blog theme you find as well. The option to buy other pre-made themes is available and a custom design is also available for ONLY $30!
We also install several plug-ins to get you started. Included is an WYSIWYG editor, Contact Us, All in One SEO and more! Plug-ins can be added by you at anytime.
With 4 packages to choose from you control your blog hosting! Choose the Preemie Package for only $1.99/month and upgrade only if you have to!

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Sha @ WAHM Design Services is very reasonable!



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