Sunday, April 11, 2010

Best Bargain Shopping Tip for the Online Auction Shopper

By: JLGroh
Why deprive yourself of that lovely black cashmere top you’ve needed to go with those new pants you bought last month or that Nintendo Wii game you wanted but didn’t think you could afford, maybe some car stereo equipment?  You work hard and you deserve to spoil yourself but maybe you can’t afford to just run out to your favorite boutique or your local shopping mall and splurge when ever you want well if you are a fellow eBay shopper like me, have I got a tip for you today!
I just so happen to be one of those compulsive shoppers like a character in a Sophie Kinsella novel.  Whether I need what’s got me all hot or not, whether or not I can afford it this week or even month, it does not matter, if I must have it, then I must have it.
Since the wonderful world of eBay, I have been in a shopper’s paradise!  With anything and everything you could ever think of to want or need how is a shopper to complain?  There are great deals to be had on online auction shopping.  Shopping eBay is like a yard sale, flea market and swap meet in the comfort of my own home where you can shop day and night, weekends and holidays.
Being the avid shopper that I am and always looking for a better bargain, I am a bit disappointed in myself that I have been missing out on even more bargains through eBay.  How could I have NOT known that even existed?  I am doing some of my best bargain shopping ever!  No, I am not kidding, this website is truly a Bargain shoppers delight!  Whether you are male or female, this is the site that will connect you to over 150 popular brand named items like Abercrombie, Anne Klein, Armani, Craftsman, Dewalt, Hewlett Packard, Kitchen Aide, Microsoft, Nintendo, Nike, Olympus, Sony, Tommy Hilfiger and Westinghouse.
What Auction Oops does is research misspelled auction items, eBay typos and dedicates their website to these items.  Because these eBay items are not spelled correctly, you fellow eBayers are not being connected to these items in an average search, so if you are bidding on these misspelled items, you can usually pick them up for quite a steal compared to items that everyone else on eBay is seeing and placing bids on.  Auction Oops does all the hard work for you and you get the reward!  Now that is my kind of bargain shopping!
So start using Auction Oops today to search for listings that were accidentally misspelled when posted and gain an advantage over the other hundreds of thousands of eBay shoppers.  Auction Oops gives you the option to do a custom search for your query item or you can simply search by brand names or product types, or try all three and see what terrific bargains you come up with and enjoy.

About the Author
J. L. Groh is a freelance writer/editor from Brewer, Maine
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